Brand Showcase: Stone Island

Once a staple of the British football hooligan, Stone Island has gained quite a resurgence in fashion as of late. Now that the stigma behind it has dissolved, people have realised that it is an incredibly high quality brand that puts out some interesting pieces.

It’s hard to put Stone Island into any one category because their clothing could be worn in so many different styles. This is thanks to their large variety of styles that come in a range of colours. SI truly has something for everyone. However, their diffusion line, Shadow Project, has a clear techwear theme behind it. A lot of Stone Island’s mainline outerwear could be considered to be inspired by techwear, but Shadow Project takes this concept and invests into it fully. Unlike a lot of diffusion lines, SI Shadow Project manages to maintain the standard of quality set by the mainline which is very rare.

Below, I’ve included some pictures of Stone Islands pieces and some fit pics so you can see how they look on body.4dfd5746a85585345fd122c246186f05 9df2dd50cbd099bbddb2aa8c1fc52d86 9765b28d6a06d3549f9bd039c06133cf b61b96f0c812dc8f27c607329b34d40d d08f79f9d0a74bcc25d6b301451c1f99 daa8857ff694d242b643f66f67af8715 f785f95b14cec6605b0074bb6002fd90 stone island