Brand Showcase: Applecore

Applecore is a relatively young French brand founded by Steven Alexis and Moriba-Maurice Koné that has just recently dropped a new collection. The collection features some nice items with interesting cuts and unique graphics.


The pieces Applecore are putting out are different from what a lot of new brands make because they have been heavily branded. New brands typically shy away from this because most people don’t want to walk round brandishing a huge logo from a brand no one’s ever heard of, but Applecore have managed to do this tastefully and make it look very aesthetically pleasing.image04

My personal favourite piece is the high neck sweatshirt. It’s very much unlike anything else I’ve seen this year. The high yet loose neck is something I’m definitely curious to try, the cropped, loose fit is amazing, exactly the type of fit I’ve been looking for recently, and it has a kangaroo pocket, which is great to me because I love having somewhere to put my hands and you don’t often get that with sweatshirts. Additionally, the branding on it has been done extremely well and is more so a part of the design than it is just a logo. APPLECORE is written all the way across the front of the lower portion of the hoodie, but the bottom half of the text is obscured by the kangaroo pocket. I personally thought this elevated the piece a great deal as oppose to bringing it down like large branding usually does.image02

In my opinion, Applecore will definitely rise in popularity over the next few years if they keep their collections consistent and keep innovating. Their price point is good, they offer first world construction, and their pieces are sick. Applecore is on the come up.image01 image03