Brand Overview: Chained + Able

Chained + Able is a UK based brand that produces inexpensive, well designed, minimalist jewellery. In my opinion, this is brilliant because good, cheap jewellery can often be difficult to find. Before, there dint seem to be a happy medium between jewellery from fast fashion retailers like Asos and Topman that falls apart as quick as you get it and real gold and silver jewellery that costs quite a lot of money. Chained + able fills this spot perfectly.

image04 image02

All of the pieces are around the £20 – £30 mark, making it an incredibly accessible brand, regardless of your income. Additionally, the designs are very reminiscent of much more expensive jewellery, the only difference being that they’re not made of real silver or gold. This is usually a bit of a red flag, but I’ve had one of my Chained + Able pieces for nearly a year now and it is showing hardly any sign of wear.

Below, I’ve included some pictures of my favourite pieces from the site so that you can get an idea of what kind of pieces the brand makes.image05 image03 image01 image00