Brand Overview: Anti Social Social Club

What is Antisocial Social Club? Well there isn’t too much known about the brand but in short it is a streetwear brand with simple bold edgy graphics that recently has gotten big due to the amount of high profile celebrities seen wearing the brand.ASSCSome celebrities that wear the brand include Kanye West as well as his wife, Kim Kardashian. What the brand has to offer include t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and of course their very famous dad caps.

anti social social club clothing


So what exactly makes this brand so sought after and popular? Well it’s a mixture of things really. Many people argue that this brand isn’t worth all the hype it has and that everyone buys it solely because of the celebrities wearing it. This brand however isn’t big just because of the celebrities, it’s big because it appeals to the youth.9640714ae86fc55a111beb2c3fd8fd66It falls into the “tumblr-esque” category that is so big with the youth right now. It’s word graphics that always say something mildly depressing or edgy are appealing to the youth.


So, is Antisocial Social Club worth your money? Is it worth the hype? That’s for you to decide because no matter how many people are wearing it and no matter how many celebrities are wearing, you should wear what you like.