The 10 Best Watches For The Modern Men

I strongly believe every guy should have at least one wrist-watch that they enjoy wearing on a day-to-day basis.

The biggest problem men with small wrists come across when trying to purchase a watch is finding one that actually fits and most importantly looks like it belongs on their wrist.

The easiest way to find a Watch for a guy with a smaller wrist is to look at the case size. Judging by the case size you can usually determine if a watch is going to look comically over-sized and goofy on your wrist.

Just like you don’t want an over-sized goofy watch, you also don’t want a watch that’s too small.

I’ve found that the perfect case size when purchasing a watch if you have smaller than average wrists is 36-38mm. (40mm is about the average)

Below is a list of 10 watches that look amazing on guys with both small wrists and average wrists.

I’ve tried to add every kind of watch style and price, so there is something here for everyone.

You can go for a dress watch with a beautiful leather strap, a classy metal watch, a minimalist watch, a luxury designer watch, a rubber strap sports watch, a small faced everyday casual watch or even a smart tech watch.

10 Best Watches

For Men

1. Timex Weekender

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2. Nixon Time Teller

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3. Casio Retro Digital

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4. Braun BN0024

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5. Larsson and Jennings CM

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6. Skagen Ancher Leather Watch

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7. Rolex Submariner

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8. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

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9. Apple Watch

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10. Moto 360

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