The Best No Show Socks

Alright guys, spring is here and summer is fast approaching, meaning you want to put your jeans and boots in the closet and break out the white sneakers, the boat shoes, the shorts etc.

The best option in terms of both style and comfort is getting yourself a pair of the best no show socks you can find to wear with your shoes of choice.

Now not so fast – Yes, no-show socks can be refreshing to wear and for the most part are comfortable, but that’s if you get the right pair.

There is a lot of low quality no-show socks on the market, these are very easy to spot out. Usually they’re very thin and flimsy and the biggest give is the way they fit around heel.

Cheap and poorly made no-show socks will not hold up for very long and immediately they lose elasticity on the sides and heel.

I’ve went a head and tested out over the last couple of weeks a variety of no-show socks and I’ve got some real winners for you guys. (Seriously, your feet will thank you).

Best No Show Socks

Vans Classic

I gotta say, I was really surprised here. The price point was a bit daunting at first but I bit the bullet and I’m very glad I did.

The material on these was very breathable, the heal support was perfect – NO SCRUNCHING OR FALLING DOWN!

You can actually pick your size and get a perfect fit instead of the one size fit option most other brands offer, and trust me this makes a HUGE difference.

Nothing worst than having no show socks that are a bit too big and start peeking in the corners of your shoes or a pair that’s too small choking the crap out of your foot.

The quality on these was also pretty darn good and sturdy. Overall I was very impressed with the Vans socks, and it makes sense, they cater to Skateboarders and you definitely need quality socks when you’re doing all those tricks and things skaters do.

$: Vans Classic No-Show Socks


Under Armour

The Under Armor socks also performed exceptionally well. The material was awesome, if you’re looking for a pair of no-show socks to wear with your sneakers and have a jog around the neighborhood – these are perfect for just that.

My only gripe with these was you can’t choose your size by #. It’s by small, medium and large – so if you don’t fit into what they consider a medium perfectly, you might have a loose or tight fitting sock.

Other than that, the price point was great and the performance was excellent.

$: Under Armor No-Show Socks



If all you’re looking for is a very simple pair of no-show socks that perform their task, are decently comfortable and just plain do the job – you’ll want these.

The price point is amazing, it actually has heel support (non slip silicone) which is awesome. The sizing is not numerical so you do have to go with a small, medium, large sizing and hope it fits.

Overall, this is a great budget option if you want something that will do the job of a no-show sock with no problems.

$: StomperJoe No-Show Socks