5 of The Best Jackets to Beat The Cold This Winter

When it comes to men’s coats, there is so much diversity and choice that it can get a little confusing.

When looking to purchase a brand new jacket, you want to focus on functionality first, style second. Ideally, you want to get a jacket that will keep you warm and toasty but is also stylish and high quality.

Whether you prefer a classic style, a sporty style, or even a streetwear style, in this post you will find something you’ll love.

Classic Coats


These include anything from overcoats to pea coats. The trendiest styles of classic coats at the moment are double breasted, slim cut, and a prominent collar. For length, you want to stick with the classic men’s wear rule of just stopping before the knees. Shorter styles will still work too.

$: SSLR Men’s British Wool Overcoat

$$: Sandro Apollo Coat

Duffle Coats


The Duffle coat is that coat that looks like the child of the classic winter coat and the parka. Its look is iconic and easy to spot, usually with a hood, square pockets, wooden buttons and a unique cut and design.

$: BGSD Men’s Wool Blend Classic Duffle Coat

$$: Gloverall Mid Length Duffle Coat

The Parka


The parka has surged in popularity as of late. The parka pretty much goes with anything, it is the ultimate outerwear piece for keeping you warm, so it’s perfect if you live in a place that gets very cold.
I highly recommend you pick one up in either black or green.

$: Adidas Utility Parka

$$: Penfield Hoosac Mountain Parka

The Shell Jacket


These jackets are meant for slightly chilly to rainy weather, they won’t be much help to you in a Canadian winter. They do look great though and can give off a sport / tech wear / streetwear look depending o on what you like. I highly recommend having a shell jacket because you will have those days where it’s cold but not cold enough to break out the heavy coats.

$: Adidas Essential Woven Jacket

$: Nike Men’s Windrunner Jacket

The Bomber Jacket


The bomber jacket is one of the most iconic pieces of men’s outerwear. Perfect for the Fall / Winter season, it can be worn in a puffy style (classic) or a more slim profile that has become popular.

$: Alpha Industries MA-1 Slim Fit Bomber Jacket

Tip: How to pick the perfect size jacket?
Always look for the shoulder fit.

If the coat fits not too small and especially not too slouchy around the shoulders, you’ve found the one.

Looking for more winter time inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

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Monsieur Jerome

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