Top 9 Best Shorts For Men To Wear In Summer 2018

Shorts are a great way to enjoy the heat of summer while looking stylish, without having to die in your warm, itchy, smelly jeans. The Best Shorts can easily be dressed up or down, depending on occasion – they’re the perfect staple to a summer wardrobe.

Stylish Summer Shorts For Men

Shorts come in different materials and cuts – but normally cotton, and sometimes linen. Shorts, as the name suggests, should be short – so anything below knee is no go! Aim for around the knee cap, and depending on your height and your leg muscles, maybe even higher.


Shorts come in a huge variety of colors, patterns and prints. For basics, no one can go wrong with a pair of chino shorts, especially in brown and navy, classic colors.

Choose shorts made of the finest natural material such as linen, cotton, and chambray to allow your skin to breathe. Excessive pockets that come with varieties such as cargo-shorts are a no go, instead choose something that is minimal yet practical.

This list of the 9 best shorts for men will guarantee that you walk with confidence and relaxation this summer season.

1.) Volcom Men’s Frickin Modern Stretch Chino Short

Volcom Men’s Frickin Chino Short

Chino shorts were designed by the British military to be durable but also pleasant to wear. This particular brand is made from sturdy, mid-weight cotton blend and is garment-dyed for sophisticated character. Combine this short with a button down shirt or your favorite T-shirt for the ultimate smart and casual look.

2.) Uniqlo Men Easy Shorts

Uniqlo Men Easy Shorts

The Uniqlo easy shorts are an excellent choice for anyone looking to stay cool, dry, casual, and classy. This short is made with breathable material that wicks perspiration, so you can enjoy the warm weather without getting uncomfortable. It has two deep, double lined pockets and quality nickel hardware. Combine with a button down linen shirt for a look that is both relaxed and hip.

3.) Polo Ralph Lauren Stretch Classic-Fit Short

Polo Ralph Lauren Stretch Classic-Fit Short

For those looking for a preppy look, Ralph Lauren has always been a classic. These shorts are made from ultra-soft and durable pima cotton. Wear these shorts with a polo shirt and look both fresh and relaxed when your out on the town this summer.

4.) Apolis Transition Scout Short

Apolis Transition Scout Short

Made in California, the Transition Scout Short is the perfect choice for those planning to spend time at the beach, both in and out of the ocean. These shorts are intended to fit like a classic swim trunk, and are made of material that repels water. They cut about 2 to 3 inches above the knee, so you can show off that work you’ve been putting in at the gym on “leg day.”

5.) United By Blue Selby Chambray Shorts

United By Blue Selby Shorts

Some would argue that Chambray is summer’s coolest fabric, and these shorts utilize that description precisely. The tan color combined with 100% cotton chambray embodies the summer feel. In addition to the comfort and fashion these shorts will bring to your wardrobe, you will be helping the environment when you buy these shorts. For each item that they sell, United by Blue removes a pound of garbage from our world’s oceans and waterways.

6.) Outlier New Way Short

Outlier New Way Short

These all-purpose, waterproof shorts are an exceptional option whether you are out on a coffee date or hopping into the pool. Made primarily from nylon fabric, the Outlier New Way Short is strong, light, and pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, the material has a notable 35% two-way stretch for utmost freedom – certainly an ideal choice for those with a sporty lifestyle.

7.) Tom Snyder Thorpe Gym Short

Todd Snyder Thorpe Gym Short

Maintain your sense of style when you are working out this summer. Capture a vintage look with these unique sweat shorts. They are crafted from the highest-quality cotton with a but-toned front pocket. These are an ideal choice for a game of tennis out in the sun or a casual neighborhood barbecue. Gym shorts pair nicely with a loose but snug T-shirt and pair of trainers.

8.) Diesel Kroshort BN

Diesel – Kroshort Bn Denim Shorts

It wouldn’t be right to not include a pair of jean shorts, or “jorts” to this list. The once experimental short has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. These shorts from premium Italian brand Diesel Kroshort are made with a drawstring waist and stretch denim for ultimate comfort. Wear jean shorts with a simple t-shirt and trainers for casual situations, or put on a cotton button down shirt and loafers for a smart-and-casual look.

9.) H&M Knee-Length Shorts

H&M Knee-Length Cotton Shorts

For the athletically inclined, you cannot go wrong with H&M Knee Length Shorts. Along with all of the flair of the classic Chino style short, this particular variety has an elastic waistband and a gusseted groin region. The stretch-ability of these comfy shorts allows for a long stroll through the city and a hike through the woods on the same day.

As you can see, there are plenty of stylistic and practical choices to be made when you select your shorts this summer.

Chino shorts, athletic shorts, and jean shorts are all fashionable and comfortable.

Water resistance, stretch-ability, color, pockets, and fabric are all features to think think about when picking out your shorts this summer. Also, keep in mind what type of shirt and shoes you will be wearing in order to fashion the best possible outfit.

The second most important thing about shorts, after fit, is shoes. Yes, summer shoes.

You don’t want to run around looking like a clown because you decided to wear military boots or wingtips.

Depending on your preference, your budget and your location, there are so many models to choose from!

A safe bet is a pair of clean sneakers – like pictured above. White ones go with everything, but get dirty easily. A pair of leather sneakers can really do the trick, and can be found relatively cheap!

Boat shoes are also very popular, but are a quite controversial topic to some people, as some people consider it a specific style.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different brands, materials, and colors.