The Best Shorts For Men To Wear In Summer 2017

Shorts are a great way to enjoy the heat of summer while looking stylish, without having to die in your warm, itchy, smelly jeans. Shorts can easily be dressed up or down, depending on occasion – they’re the perfect staple to a summer wardrobe.

When we’re talking about the Best Men’s Shorts For The Summer there is a lot of variety – sporty, casual and formal. We’ll focus a little bit on each and try and give you some inspiration as to what shorts you should be wearing this summer.


Stylish Summer Shorts For Men

Shorts come in different materials and cuts – but normally cotton, and sometimes linen. Shorts, as the name suggests, should be short – so anything below knee is no go! Aim for around the knee cap, and depending on your height and your leg muscles, maybe even higher.

Summer Shorts

Buyer's Guide

These are some of our favorite shorts for guys from affordable brands such as ASOS and many more.


As I said, shorts can be dressed up or down, depending on where you live and how hot it is. Usually, people like to dress full formal (meaning long pants), but in specific occasions, like an outside wedding, for example on the beach, you can get away with shorts and formal attire.


Shorts come in a huge variety of colors, patterns and prints. For basics, no one can go wrong with a pair of chino shorts, especially in brown and navy, classic colors.


Linen is a nice material for those super hot days, as it will feel light, albeit a bit itchy, depending on quality.


Denim shorts can be very good looking. They are a huge hit/miss topic, depending on the fit.


So with that in mind, let’s focus on the chino style of shorts, the most worn kind.

Normally you should focus on letting your shorts naturally end around the knee, but sometimes they’re just an inch or two too long, and a roll might be the thing to do. That also adds a bit of flavor to the outfit – keep it simple though.

chino shorts

The second most important thing about shorts, after fit, is shoes. Yes, summer shoes.

You don’t want to run around looking like a clown because you decided to wear military boots or wingtips.

Depending on your preference, your budget and your location, there are so many models to choose from!

A safe bet is a pair of clean sneakers – like pictured above. White ones go with everything, but get dirty easily. A pair of leather sneakers can really do the trick, and can be found relatively cheap!

Boat shoes are also very popular, but are a quite controversial topic to some people, as some people consider it a specific style.

Protip: Get yourself a pair of no show socks for the sock-less look.

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Don’t be afraid to experiment with different brands, materials, and colors. Below are 2 of my favorite shorts both in the color red. They’re an absolute killer in terms of style, especially for the summer.


Follow these general guidelines for shorts in the summer, and you’ll be sure to look stylish while having those outdoor BBQ’s, or even outdoor weddings. Enjoy!