The Athletic Man’s Basic Guide to Fashion

When it comes to fashion for men with an athletic or muscular physique, things can get a little complicated. There are no real fashion brands that cater specifically to your body type (excluding fitness specific clothing) most brands are geared towards the average person’s physique with designer brands focusing more on the tall and skinny.

You shouldn’t be punished for achieving an impressive physique, so we’re going to help you out with some tips and advice on clothing that’ll compliment your body shape.

Building a solid wardrobe is like building a solid physique. You start with the basics and then add to it over time.

The Fit

A big mistake men with athletic bodies make is running straight for tight fitting clothing that accentuates every fiber of muscle on their bodies. This is a major no-no. We get that guys want to show off what they’ve worked hard for but the key here is subtlety. Instead of going for the XS t-shirt that feels like it’s cutting off your circulation go for a slightly looser fit that accentuates certain parts of your physique (arms, shoulders, chest).


Your Tailor is Your New Best Friend

When it comes to certain clothing articles such as dress shirts, dress pants and jeans, the only way to get a perfect fit is with the help of your tailor. Dress shirts are simply not made with an athletic build in mind, and when it comes to jeans, not many brands accommodate large quads and hamstrings, so unless you wanna stop squatting, you’ll need to alter your jeans. I can’t stress enough the importance of a tailor, it makes the difference from looking like you’re wearing a potato sack to clothing that was actually made for you.

A Properly Fitting Button Down Compliments Athletic Builds


Men with athletic bodies look best in basic clothing, so use it to your advantage!

To get your wardrobe on the right track you need to start with the basics and do em correctly. The basics include things such as t-shirts, jeans, henleys, sweaters and hoodies. 2 basic rules apply for every basic piece of clothing:

1. Fit Trumps All – It MUST fit you correctly. Whether you’re getting them off the rack or taking it to a tailor, fit is everything in fashion.

2. Go For Neutral Colors – Basics aren’t meant to be too flashy. They’re not a statement piece so keep it neutral and simple. Try to cover your blacks and whites first than move on to other colors. Light wash and dark wash when it comes to jeans are essential.

Henley’s Look Amazing on an Athletic Physique
Slim Fitting Hoodies Are a Must
Long Sleeve T-Shirts (Or a any T-Shirt) Should Fit with a nice Taper Around The Waist
Look Great with a Nice Fitting T-Shirt and Tailored Jeans


  • John Elliott Co (High Quality/Expensive)
  • H&M
  • Zara
  • Elwood

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