Acne Studios Town Fit: The best cropped pants I own

Acne Studios, a very well-known minimalist brand out of Sweden, consistently put out amazing and unique pieces. However, the item that gets the most recognition is there jeans. That is how the brand started, as a denim brand, and that really shows today because Acne’s jeans are excellent quality and come in a wide range of modern and stylish fits.image00

Acne latest denim model is the Town fit. A slim, high quality, cropped jean that is without a doubt the best pair of cropped pants I’ve ever had. The fit is unbelievable, they are slim without being skin tight and have the perfect amount of crop. In my opinion, this is the best pant for this summer.


The wash that I personally own is called Vintage White. It’s an amazing off-white colour with brass finishings. However, the Town Fit also comes in many other great washes such as Acne’s ever so popular Stay Cash wash.


I’d urge absolutely anyone to try these out. Previous to purchasing these I had tried a plethora of different cropped pants, some great and some not so great, but none as good as these.