5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Bomber Jacket

1. Bold

Statement pieces are unique pieces that become the center piece of your outfit. They’re usually a statement piece because of either the color or design, which can be colorful and bold. They will bring an otherwise boring outfit to life.

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2. Comfort

Whether you choose a slimmer bomber jacket or a looser fit, not many clothing pieces are as comfortable as a well made bomber jacket. Perfect for those slightly chilly winter days or pretty much any season besides a scorching summer, you can rock a bomber.
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3. Badass Design & Origins

Some bombers such as the Sukajan souvenir jacket are quite literally a piece of art. The sukajan jacket has it’s origins in post war Japan where American soldiers sewed Japanese souvenir’s to their jackets as a reminder of their bravery.
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4. Fit For All

Whether you like a slimmer looking jacket or a puffy style bomber, their is a style for you. Whether you like a solid color or a colorful statement piece, their is a bomber jacket for you.

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5. It’s an Art Piece

Jackets are one of the only pieces of clothing where you can go crazy on the design. Because of the nature of a jacket, it’s supposed to be eye catching and some designers do an amazing job of making sure your eyes are glued to their art.

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