5 Reasons Why Adidas is Killing it in The Sneaker Market in 2016

Every sneaker that I’ve bought lately or have been interested in has been from Adidas or in collaborations with Adidas.
I’ve always been a big fan of Nike, but sometime in the last 2 years when the thought of getting a new pair of kicks crossed my mind, Adidas was the first brand that entered my head.

Here are 5 reasons I believe Adidas is killing it in the sneaker game in 2016.

1. The Adidas Originals Line13392899_530282193821053_1105460543_n

This includes the huge line up of successful original sneakers Adidas has come out with, notable ones being the Superstars, Stan Smiths, NMD’s, Ultra Boosts, Tubulars, and Gazelles.
This is a crazy lineup that has something for everyone. Adidas has been killing it with producing unique colorways, silhouettes, and collaborations of its originals lineup. When I think of Nike, the last successful original sneaker they had that I can think of is the Roshe, which started out very strong but has been on a downward slope in terms of popularity for a while now.

2. Celebritieskanye-west-adidas-ultra-boost-white-02

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye, Rita Ora, Stella McCartney, Selena Gomez, Pharrell
It’s no secret the Yeezy’s have been the most influential sneaker of 2016.  Yeezys are everywhere and everyone wants a pair. There is a massive demand that never seems to be satisfied (and I’m guessing Adidas wants to keep it that way through artificial scarcity by not mass producing them). This, in my opinion, has a benefit that trickles down to the rest of the originals line. Everyone who didn’t get a pair of Yeezys will now want a pair of Ultra Boosts because that’s what Kanye was seen wearing lately, and Ultra Boosts are a lot more widely available than Yeezys.

3. Collaborationsc6b4f5eba8408c2fc174bd068be76856

Adidas has been collaborating with everyone from large sneaker stores like SNS, big name fashion designers such as  Yohji Yamamoto and Rick Owens and even luxury car brands like Porsche.

Having such a wide array of collaborations means there is something for everyone and if you missed out on a certain collab, there is another one upcoming that you’ll get a chance at. This also results in styles that you might’ve never seen if two brands didn’t partner up. The Y-3 line is currently my favorite sneaker line from Adidas and it’s in collaboration with Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto.

4. The Birth of the New Sneakerhead13651801_1746906895568631_746838310_n

Back in the day when you thought of sneakerheads and their huge sneaker collections you imagined Jordans and other basketball related shoes as far as the eye can see.
Adidas has in a way turned that upside down. A lot of regular sneaker lovers, that didn’t have much interest in basketball shoes or high-tops now have a place in sneakerhead culture.
The many exclusive releases from Adidas has created a new sneakerhead. Having a collection of rare Adidas Ultra Boost colorways and collabs is just as respected as any pair of Jordans to a sneaker head in 2016.

5. Innovative New Concepts14156651_168687153538433_1923647868_n

When I picture a pair of Nikes, I imagine a low top sneaker, in a plain black color and a huge white Nike checkmark on the side. When I imagine an Adidas sneaker, a lot of different styles, shapes and colors enter my mind. Adidas hasn’t been afraid to step out of its comfort zone when producing new and innovative sneakers. From the Tubulars to the boost technology, Adidas has been at the forefront of innovating sneaker design in 2016.

If you’re a seasoned sneakerhead or just appreciate a beautiful pair of sneakers there’s never been a better time. Competition between large brands is at an all-time high, the best thing we as consumers and sneaker fans can do is support our favorite collaborations and reward quality and innovation in the sneaker market.