4 Tips To Help You Put Together Outfits and Build Your Style

Putting together pieces of clothing in a way that looks good truly is an art form, if it wasn’t than jobs like a personal stylist wouldn’t exist. Many guys have trouble putting together a basic wardrobe let alone a basic outfit. I attribute this mostly to lack of knowledge and misinformation spread throughout the internet. My style of choice is a lot more streetwear, but regardless of what style you prefer these tips and guidelines will help you improve the way you choose and put together your clothing pieces.

Tip #1: Start from the bottom up. (Shoes First)

Regardless if you’re a sneakerhead or not, an outfit in my opinion should always start with the shoes. My outfits will look completely different¬†depending on the shoes I’m wearing so it always made sense to start from the bottom up and build around what kind of shoes you’ll be wearing.

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Tip #2: It’s OK to Copy

One of the biggest cliche’ in online fashion communities is how you’re supposed to dress as an extension of your personal style which I think is totally dumb. If you’re making the conscious decision to copy a certain outfit that already is an extension of your personal style because you chose that outfit out of the millions of others you could of copied. There is nothing wrong with liking a fit and getting those exact same clothes, with time your personal style will ORGANICALLY grow from the outfits you copy from different places.13151330_1231270396884461_1003511650_n 13248729_1730197943862653_1773106458_n

Tip #3: Fit is KING

No matter how expensive or how cool you think a piece of clothing is, if it doesn’t fit you right, it will look horrible. I’ve bought more ill fitting pieces than I can count until I finally sat down with a tape measure and made the proper measurements so it would never happen again. Learn from my mistake and the mistake of so many others, FIT IS KING.13130060_639951149496767_1776373119_n 13151240_490132314510318_1691846408_n

Tip #4: Experiment

Your personal style is going to take time to come to fruition, if you’re too afraid of looking dumb or like a fashion victim you’ll never expose yourself to the many amazing different styles that are out there. Build a foundation and work from there, get inspired by the mass amount of style content that is out there and grow your style organically!13126725_294537004212048_805888249_n 13129210_1207441982620657_1669843641_n